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Ira Bode—a world famous social media star—wakes up one day to find that no one knows who she is. Her family, friends, fans, and even the vast network of digital sponsors are all gone. In a hyper-connected society where lack of identification and social media presence is a punishable crime, Ira has no choice but to go on the run.

Without an official online account, she is now just an active fugitive.

Pursuing her through the labyrinth of monitored Net Zones is a secret organization that everyone quietly refers to as The Council. This faceless entity is rumored to control all media, commerce, and politics with a shadowy hand. Using their global reach, they systematically dispatch a fleet of special agents, known only as Hat Men, to quickly detain the young fugitive. Though, the task proves to be a little more challenging than originally thought.

Along the way, Ira inadvertently meets Owen: a fan of hers and the only person who remembers she ever existed. Together, they flee from the law in search of a second chance at life.

The Influencer is a thrilling sci-fi adventure based in an esoteric future not too far off from our own. In an age where our digital lives tend to take priority over our real ones, this book delves into the cryptic overlay of society’s wants and expectations.


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